Crisal Rodriguez is a Barcelona-based transdisciplinary artist and communicator with a background in neuroscience. Her work is oriented both locally and internationally. She defines herself as an artist guided by the scientific method and contemplation.

She works mainly with poetry, movement and audiovisual media. She creates experiences that deepen and refine our perception of what reality is and also, concerning that which makes us human. Crisal sees the body and its processes as the key for the development of higher states of consciousness, when they are approached with a contemplative attitude. One of her aims is to open spaces that allow us to break through natural states of uncertainty and face the challenges posed by the modern world with a different perspective.  For this, she uses day-to-day movements and rituals as a window to observe what we can’t directly see or put into words. Her projects are based on the mind-body connection, integrating the many different levels of reality that mold our perception and influence our decision-making processes, which converge to create this, the world we live in. Using reflection, humor, and kindness, she explores how neuroscience (embodied cognition, enaction, and somatic marker theories) and certain biomimicry principles can be organically understood and applied to live in a more sensitive, critical, and sustainable way.

Crisal’s work has been showcased in Barcelona, around Spain, and in the UK. At the present moment, she works as an artist, communicator, and university teacher. She creates pieces and develops her own projects (ACTION! Festival, an international performance, poetry, and science festival; Con.Ciencia). As a regular participant in the Poetry Slam network, she develops artistic and educational projects both with them and in collaboration with government entities. She has collaborated with the Spanish Society of Neuroscience, Pint of Science, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Universitat de Barcelona, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Students’ Residence, and La Caldera, center for artistic creation, among many others.

With a B.Sc. in Biology from the Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, she has trained as a performer for several years in some of Barcelona’s top schools (College of Theater, International School of Theater, MOVEO) and has collaborated with established choreographers (Mercedes Boronat, Tamara Cubas).  She was previously involved in neuropsychology research and explored integrative health approaches. Understanding the specific limits of scientific and non-scientific approaches, has given her a solid base to cultivate a constructively critical perspective, enriching her analysis of reality.

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