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In 2012, I founded the cultural production company Con.Ciencia, through which I create high-level cultural projects drawing from art, science, and contemplation. My objective is to contribute to steering our society’s progress towards one that is more sensitive, intelligent, and able to successfully face current challenges and life’s natural states of uncertainty. For this, I promote activities in which one can be and can inhabit the existing space.

At present, Con.Ciencia is a brand that generates groundbreaking ideas in contemporary Spanish culture, contributing to the intangible heritage and creating a product with great potential for success in its international expansion. With a spirit that is positive, critical, and a catalyst for change, I explore the traditional limits of the artistic, scientific, and research disciplines. By following (and anticipating) the current projects and methodological approaches in research and creativity in other countries with solid production and distribution networks, the future looks promising and the chances of success are high. For this reason, I collaborate regularly with local entities to guarantee the sustainability and organic scaling of this project, and I travel abroad regularly. Among my principles is the application of the values inherent to RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) practices.

I propose multiple formats to achieve my objective: from poetic and musical performances as spaces for pleasure and contemporary connection rituals between beings, to creative workshops based on active relaxation and full presence, as well as conversations between artists and scientists.

I’m passionate about going further than the mere accumulation of knowledge and theoretical approximations, through action and living knowledge first hand. For this, I include the information present in natural ways of living and in the behavior of the human being as a valid sources of knowledge and as a baseline for my projects. Neuroscience and biomimicry are the two disciplines which I’ve most researched, conceptually speaking.  Specifically, the embodied cognition approach and the enaction theory, which in the last few decades have delved deeper into the field of neuroscience and cognitive sciences, open up fruitful and necessary opportunities to re-feel, re-think, and re-construct certain concepts in the modern world.

In periods of change and regeneration, as our present times are, I see the access to knowledge and practices that allow us to improve our perceptive capacity as something of vital importance. Our decision-making depends on our perception, and our present and our future as individuals and as a species, depend on our decisions. My function is to provide insight, through the examination of our actions and the modus operandi of our thoughts, thus advancing towards a more sensitive, intelligent, and empowered world.

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